How to increase your Google ranking

How can you increase your ranking on google? One of the most important things you can do to increase your visibility on your website is to increase your google ranking. Here are a few things you can do on your website to increase your ranking.

Include relevant keywords

If you want to be searchable on Google, include the words you want people to find you by. This is the most important thing you can do.

The most important information should go in your website header. Eg.If you are an actor and your name is Tim McDonald, then you need the words 'Tim McDonald' and ‘actor’ in your header.

If you have a special skill, include these on your site. For example, if you speak Japanese, make sure to include that. When someone searches 'Your name Japanese Speaker' they are more likely to find you if 'japanese speaker' is appears as a word on your web site.. Make sure that these key words are all over your site.

Link to your website

The way that sites find you is when you are linked to by other pages. The more pages that link to you, the more popular google things you are and the higher your ranking becomes. The popularity of the site that is linking to you is also taken in to account.

Link to yourself from Social Media. Make sure you have a twitter account, youtube and a facebook page that link to your web page. Because of how popular sites like twitter are you will find your twitter page is easy to get ranked highly on google. If you are an actor then you can also link to your web site from casting sites such as Star Now or Casting Call Pro. 

Get other people to share your site, tweet your site or Like your site. The more links you have from lots of sources, the more important you look to search engines.

Update your site regularly

Regularly updated sites are viewed as a good indicator of a good website. Make sure you are regularly updating your website with relevant content. You can do this by creating new content or updating a news section of a blog.

Add videos from Youtube and link to your site from Youtube

Create video content that is relevant to your site. Not only are video’s a great way to promote yourself, having relevant video’s that link to your site helps you to boost your ranking. You can link to your site from your youtube channel as well.

Get a domain name

Having your own domain name also helps increase your ranking. If you already have a domain name we can hook it up for you for free to a Site Your Art website. You can get a domain name from us here or buy a hosting package that includes a domain here.